Building with Nature
SVG projects are being developed to blend with nature. It incorporates sustainability in a practical and realistic way.


At SVG Properties, our procurement methods emphasise the need to select those companies that can work effectively in a collaborative relationship and who understand and practice the principles of “Partnering”. We constantly seek to get all key parties to work together as early as possible to ensure the effective delivery of a project.


It has been demonstrated on numerous partnering projects that by working collaboratively it is possible to achieve far greater value for money for the client, higher profits for the companies involved, improved quality and more predictability of project completion.
Our partnering process has the following characteristics:
An agreed set of mutual objectives.
Work undertaken in a spirit of trust and co-operation.
An agreed problem resolution procedure.
Open book pricing.
Commitment to continuous improvement.

Risk Management

A risk register is a key planning tool at all SVG Properties. The register is started at the inception of a project and actively used through to completion. It is then used to assess the way that risk on the project was managed so that lessons can be applied to other projects. This is a constant process with SVG Properties.

As well as identifying and assessing risks, the register is also used to assign appropriate actions for project team members against each risk item. The risks and associated actions are reviewed on a regular basis throughout the pre-contract and construction phase.

Value Management

This is a method customised by SVG Properties to identify the best way of meeting the business needs, taking into account time, cost, quality and risk constraints. The value management process involves collaboration with the team responsible for Design, Contracting and Delivering the project.

All processes and components suggested for the project are critically appraised to determine whether better value alternatives or solutions are available prior to purchase.

Sustainable Construction

At SVG Properties, Sustainable construction cohesively addresses the triple bottom line – the social, economic and environmental performance of the industry. Areas for action include:

Respecting and fairly treating employees and the wider community. This includes improving health and safety, enhancing site and welfare conditions, and avoiding noise and dirt which would inconvenience local residents.

Enhancing and protecting the natural environment, including protecting habitats, trees, waterways and other natural features.

Minimising consumption of natural resources and energy during the construction phase and throughout the life of the facility. Our buildings should be energy efficient and utilise energy from renewable resources by specifying recycled materials and renewable energy sources and considering the buildings’ future use.

Reducing waste and avoiding pollution during the construction process. 70% of landfill is reportedly generated through construction activity.

Health & Safety

There are two key issues with regard to health and safety at SVG Properties. The first is respecting people’s rights to be protected against risks that affect their safety and long-term health. The second is the effective planning and managing of the construction site are more productive and profitable as well as being safe.
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